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Diapers are one of the most important and essential items in baby care. New parents should have basic knowledge. Know the pros and cons of each type of diaper before deciding to buy one for your baby. Today, baby diapers are available in a wide variety of styles. And made from different materials, we can divide diapers according to the materials used in production as follows.

1. Cloth diapers It is a diaper that is made from 100% fabric. It is made from a variety of fabrics such as cotton diapers, salou diapers, or cotton diapers. Reduces the risk of irritating diaper rash. environmentally friendly and save cost compared to other diapers But cloth diapers have disadvantages, which is that they can absorb less waste than other types of diapers. And when used for a long time or through frequent washing, cloth diapers may be less capable of absorbing waste. and may have more hardness from the fabric

2. Disposable diapers Nowadays, disposable diapers are widely used. Because disposable diapers have the advantage of absorbing the waste best. The process of wearing is not difficult. There are many sizes, making it fit when wearing. But there are disadvantages that are expensive. When wearing for a long time, do not change diapers. It can cause irritation and increase the amount of waste in the environment.

In addition to diapers Parents also need to prepare other equipment for changing diapers, including clean diapers for drying. Unscented wet wipes or cotton wool soaked in cooled boiled water. Trash and diaper rash cream The diaper should be changed to the baby on a clean, smooth surface. There are steps that should be followed in changing diapers as follows.

  1. wash your hands Always before and after changing diapers for your child.
  2. Remove the used diaper. Dispose of it in the trash or laundry basket.
  3. If the child urinates, use a wet tissue or cotton swab moistened with boiled water to clean it. Avoid rubbing or wiping vigorously, but if your child is defecation, it is recommended to wash the genital area and buttocks with water instead of wet wipes or cotton wool. to reduce irritation
  4. Use a clean cloth to pat the diaper area dry. and should aerate for a moment Make sure the genital area and buttocks are completely dry.
  5. If there is a red rash around the genitals or buttocks Use diaper rash cream Apply all over the rash area. By applying it every time you change diapers. and then put on a new diaper for the baby If there is no rashYou may or may not use diaper rash cream.

Diaper rash is caused by irritation to the baby’s urine or stool. This is because the skin around the baby’s genitals and bottom is exposed to urine or stool for longer or more often than usual, such as diarrhea or without changing diapers for a long time. The appearance of a diaper rash is a red, flaky, scaly rash on areas that come in contact with urine or feces. Diaper rash care in addition to the diaper changing procedures mentioned above. Diaper rash cream is another important factor that will help your baby recover from diaper rash quickly. A good diaper rash cream should have anti-inflammatory properties. Protects the skin from irritants and dampness. It relieves itching and helps restore damaged skin. It should be a substance derived from nature. Tested by the world’s leading institutions to be gentle on the skin and does not cause skin irritation. Compounds with such properties are:

  • Vitamin B5 Can create a barrier to protect the skin from irritants and dampness.
  • Vitamin E Help nourish the skin.
  • Vitamin A Helps restore skin by stimulating new skin cells.
  • Macadamia Extract Helps to moisturize and reduce cracks

The most effective way to apply diaper rash cream is Apply the cream to the rash area each time you change a diaper. without wiping out the old cream Choose a cream that absorbs quickly into the skin. not sticky And it is important to change diapers often. If using cloth diapers, diapers should be changed every time and as soon as the baby urinates or defecates. If using disposable diapers, diaper changes should be made at least every 3 hours. The rash has a larger area. Take your child to the doctor as there may be complications from a fungal or bacterial infection.

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