Hand tremors for no apparent reason

Hand tremors are a common symptom. It is often a manifestation of neurological diseases in the elderly, such as Parkinson’s Disease and Essential Tremor. different And there are different methods of treatment. Therefore, the differential diagnosis of the two diseases is very important.

Differential diagnosis can be determined by observing at what stage the tremors occur. Hand tremors in Parkinson’s disease usually occur while the hands are still. and was born with one of the hands first It was also found that patients often had other abnormal movements, such as slow movements. Muscle spasms or poor balance, while hand tremors in unexplained tremors usually occur during hand activities, such as while picking up objects, writing or scooping food, etc. and patients tend to have only hand tremors

There is a difference in the treatment of the two hand tremors. Hand tremors in Parkinson’s disease are primarily treated with drugs that increase the neurotransmitter dopamine. While tremors in unexplained tremors are primarily treated with beta blockers, antihypertensive drugs are treated primarily with beta blockers. Your doctor may consider a brain surgery treatment. Craniotomy can have risks and side effects. Therefore, treatment should be under the supervision of a specialized medical professional.

In addition to the above treatment Currently, there are technologies to treat certain types of Parkinson’s disease and essential tremors using high-frequency ultrasound imaging combined with MRI (MRgFUS; MRI). Guided Focus Ultrasound) is another option for treating tremors of unknown cause. This is a non-invasive surgical method invented by Insight Tech Co., Ltd. (INSIGHTEC) from Israel. It is a treatment technology approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) in 2014, published in medical journals around the world. And has been accepted by more than 50 medical universities and hospitals in Europe, Asia and the United States such as Mayo Clinic, Stanford University Hospital, Brigham and Women’s (Ha Brigham and Women’s (Harvard) and The Imperial College London and has successfully treated more than 5,500 patients worldwide.


Dr. Ronnie Yagel
Vice President of International Marketing
Insight Tech Co., Ltd.

“The beginning of the invention of technology to treat tremors with unknown causes Using high-frequency sound wave centering techniques combined with MRI imaging (MRgFUS; MRI Guided Focus Ultrasound) was born from the intention of wanting to find a remedy to help patients with tremors of unknown cause. The number is increasing every year. It is well known in the medical community that one of the treatments for this disease is surgery, which can be accompanied by risks, wounds, and side effects. and takes a long time to recover Therefore, we have researched until we discovered a method of treatment using ultrasound focused firing and MRI imaging (MRgFUS; MRI Guided Focus Ultrasound) to treat specific patients with tremors. This is another alternative technology for treating tremors of unknown cause. This will take only 1-2 days of treatment and then can return to normal life. Patients do not need surgery and do not have to wait for recovery.”

Mr. Yuichiro Koba
Director of Business and Sales for Asia
Insight Tech Co., Ltd.

“From the survey of patients with idiopathic tremor or Essential Tremor, it was found that nowadays in many countries around the world, such as Japan, Each year, there are 10 times more cases of unexplained tremors, a very high proportion. In Thailand, it is entering an aging society. According to the latest statistics, the number of people over 65 years old will increase by 20% in the next 10 years. elderly Therefore, the number of people with this disease tends to increase. In the past, it was found that this disease had a huge impact and hindered daily life. For example, patients in foreign countries who have been affected by this disease such as Heather Fraser Canadian ice skater For a long time, they have suffered movement and mental problems from unexplained tremors. After treatment, he was able to resume his life as a consultant to the Canadian national ice skating team again, or Michael Huang Actor from Taiwan Suffering from tremors for unknown reasons making it impossible to accept the show Until the decision to receive treatment with this alternative technology After the symptoms improve, they can return to acting again. It is important to treat this disease that a brain specialist must perform an analysis. and make it clear that the patient has tremors due to abnormalities in the brain region Therefore, the treatment will be targeted and effective.”

At present, there are 36 hospitals in Asia with treatment centers using concentrated firing techniques, ultrasound and MRI imaging (MRgFUS; MRI Guided Focus Ultrasound), and Thailand is ready to provide treatment for tremors. for unknown reasons For those who are interested, you can ask for more information about treatment at large government hospitals in Bangkok.


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