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Children and colds can be called a pair from time immemorial. When the baby starts to play naughty It’s not strange to be picked up and caught by the evil germs and smeared in front of the eyes. Cause cold symptoms, nasal congestion, and runny nose for mothers headaches. In addition, stuffy nose can also be one of the symptoms of allergies. whether allergic to cow’s milk or allergic to dust pollen When a baby has a runny nose In addition to causing concern for parents It also creates discomfort for the little one. and disturbed sleep due to nasal congestion causing the little one to choke every time he lay down If symptoms are more severe May cause the child to eat less. due to discomfort and discomfort in the nose Especially in infants younger than 2-3 months old, snot and nasal congestion can be very dangerous. Because a child at this age has not learned to breathe through his mouth like an adult. May lead to other respiratory problems ever

Nasal congestion is caused by two main reasons. One is caused by mucus that the body produces to remove foreign substances that cause inflammation in the nasopharynx. whether it is dust pollen or invasive pathogens Cause a runny nose when we have a cold or allergy. and the second is swelling of the nasal septum from inflammation and irritation. This swelling may be caused by blowing your nose vigorously several times in succession. Makes me feel uncomfortable and stuffy nose It also interferes with the drainage of mucus. causing a runny nose inside The more the symptoms of nasal congestion The tightness around the face became more intense.

For adults like us, when we have a stuffy nose with snot. We may just blow your nose a couple of times and the symptoms will improve. But for young children who are still unable to blow their noses on their own Relieving a blocked nose can be done by using a saline solution to rinse the nasal cavity. Proper rinsing of the nose with saline in combination with suction with a rubber stopper It is one of the effective ways to reduce nasal congestion in your baby. in addition to that slight increase in air humidity Drinking warm water or putting a warm cloth over the nose Including the use of products that can help relieve nasal congestion in young children. It will help your baby’s nose become more open.

In addition to the above methods Some scents are also used. Especially cool scents such as menthol or eucalyptus. Used to help make breathing easier in traditional medicine recipes of various countries and is considered one of the home remedies for many countries around the world. Recently, a study also found that Menthol has an active ingredient that can actually help clear the nasal cavity. and found that after inhaling Breathing is significantly improved through the passage of air into the lungs.

Using products developed especially for young children by experts. and contains safe natural ingredients such as menthol, camphor and eucalyptus. It can help your little one sleep better. However, the right amount of the product should be used for optimal performance. In addition to helping to recover from cold symptoms quickly. Getting a good night’s sleep is also important for your baby’s good development. You do not have to stumble because you are sick with a cold as well.

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