Relaxing massage for the baby

Children are known to need loving touch from other human beings, be they parents or relatives. Touching is in addition to building strong family relationships. There are also a number of studies showing that babies who receive regular massages can thrive. Especially in babies who have problems with preterm birth and congenital disease. Several studies have shown that massage for these children helps both in terms of growth and development. Reduce the time required to be hospitalized and in addition to being good for the baby body massage
Babies also reduce parents’ stress. Reduce the risk of postpartum depression in mothers as well.

The right massage will stimulate blood circulation and stimulate the development of both large and small muscles. By giving a body massage to a loved one, there is no difficult process at all. Be careful not to put pressure on the child’s bony parts. The massage will focus on touch without focusing on pressure points. This may differ from massage for adults to some extent. by children younger than two years There may be gentle pressing and squeezing for 3-5 seconds each point during the massage. Parents may also talk, make eye contact, and play with their children. To stimulate development and build a bond with the baby

Recommended massage points include:

The soles of the feet and legs Massage of pressure on the soles of the feet and caressing the toes. It stimulates the development of small muscles. Leg and calf massage In addition to helping to stimulate blood circulation. It also helps to relax like a child’s muscles as well.

abdominal area Massage should be done after the umbilical cord is disconnected. and the navel is dry The massage method is to gently massage around the navel area in a clockwise direction. Massage stimulates this area of ​​the abdomen. In addition to helping the digestive system It also helps to stimulate the excretory system. Suitable for children who have trouble shooting. or constipation as well

Arm and hand massage Similar in principle to a leg massage, gentle pressure and gentle movements of the finger and wrist joints can help stimulate the development of the fine muscles of the hand.

back massage Place the child in a prone position. Use both palms to stroke the baby’s back from above, slightly below the neck. By alternating palms gently massage up and down slowly and rhythmically. from the upper back and shoulders down to the coccyx

Many parents prefer to use massage products especially for babies. Whether it is oil, cream or balm to reduce friction during massage. Add softness and comfort to the baby. In addition, many products have a gentle scent. Increase peace of mind for both parents and children

It is also important to choose a product made specifically for babies. Because babies have sensitive skin. Therefore, use natural ingredients with active ingredients such as rosemary leaf oil. and lavender Especially if it can help keep your skin soft and moist. It will help take care of your baby’s skin while helping to feel comfortable. because the beloved child can sleep comfortably for a long time It is important to support the development of children. Knowing this Parents can try this simple massage method. I assure you that Baby must be happy. And parents will definitely be able to smile along with each other.


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