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Reproductive medicine and the changing lifestyle of Thai people – HealthToday

Reproductive medicine and the changing lifestyle of Thai people – HealthToday

When medical technology has been developed continuously. As a result, the average age of Thai people has increased. Until the transition into an aged society completely (Aged Society). At the same time, the birth rate of Thai children is lower than 600,000 in 3 years and is likely to continue to decline. The main reason is the change in the values ​​of being single. enjoy life Various economic problems resulted in late marriages. leading to infertility

Reproductive Medicine Therefore, it is talked about a lot for those who want to have children. until making the doctor specialize in this fieldIt has been searched a lot on the internet. and one of them is inevitable. Dr. Beer, MD. Thibodi Haruchayasak, an embryo culture specialist

Get to know.. Dr. Beer

Dr. Beer or Dr. Thibodi Haruchayasak graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Medicine. Chulalongkorn University and continue to study at the master’s degree level Master of Science Reproductive Medicine and Embryology, Chinese University of Hong Kong, currently serving as Director and Physician of Reproductive Medicine. Life Women’s Health Obstetrics and Gynecology) In the heart of Ratchaprasong area Gaysorn Tower, 11th floor, famous for solving infertility

interest in reproductive medicine

Dr. Beer gave the answer that “After graduating from medical school had the opportunity to become an obstetrician-gynecologist at Chonburi Hospital and liked the moment when the mother was holding the baby at birth Personally, I feel that this is the time when one is the happiest. Therefore, he decided to study in the field of ‘Reproductive medicine’ because I thought it would feel great if we could get involved from the start. that makes the couple especially infertile couples to have children as intended He then went on to study embryo culture and work in an IVF lab in Hong Kong, completing his master’s degree. to continue working in the field of reproductive medicine.”

Proud work as a doctor

In terms of feelings, the doctor said, “I’m proud every time I tell my patients that I’m pregnant. And every time I saw the eyes, the happy faces of the couple after hearing the heart of their child for the first time. It is the greatest pride and encouragement.”
In addition, the doctor has worked with the Faculty of Medical Technology. Rangsit University organizes a Training Course to train and produce
embryo culture scientists (Embryologist) because the doctor said “Embryologist is one of the important factors that help patients get pregnant. Thailand still lacks an Embryologist who has knowledge and abilities, so doing a short-term training course like this both to educate and enhancing careers as well.”

perspective on reproductive medicine present and future

Dr. Beer thinks Reproductive medicine will play an increasingly important role for Thai people, whether it be IVF, ICSI or egg freezing because the current social conditions make marriage delays. and having children more difficult The doctor therefore constantly develops his own knowledge. And if possible, I would like to develop the Embryologist Training Course to become an embryologist training institute to develop reproductive medicine personnel in Thailand. and want to support the exam International License of Thai Embryologists for opportunities to work abroad as well

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