After Bae has recommended and reviewed Uniqlo Sport’s workout clothes for a while, there are many items that Bae really likes. Today, Bei will unpack the Uniqlo Sport bag for ladies. Let’s review what they all have. The 4 main line ups for women are as follows: AIRism, Cool, Breathable, Ultra Stretch, Extra Flexibility, DRY-EX, Dry. Fast, UV Protection, UV protection. There are also other exercise items such as Active Wireless Bra and socks. It can be said that UNIQLO has made it out to support different workouts, which line up? What is outstanding? What kind of workout wear is suitable? Bemi has already introduced in the clip. For those who are interested in men’s line up, see the clip. @lekteeradetch #SportUtilityWear #Uniqlo Sport meets every movement #UniqloAIRism #UniqloDRYEX #UniqloUltraStretch #UVProtectionClothing #UniqloThailand

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