For those who are already wearing Dry-Ex t-shirts, today they have a new design that is very fashionable. Dry-Ex Cropped Crew New T-Shirt is a cropped shape that can be worn for sports or casual wear in everyday life. You will get a sporty look, chic and stylish. Bae secretly told me that I have been waiting for a very long time because normally there is only one model of Dry-Ex for women, which is a round neck t-shirt. When the new model is released, Beni immediately put it on to show off to his friends first, haha. And even though it’s a cropped shape, the dry function is still dry as usual. Plus there are many colors to choose from. Today, Bae chooses to wear white. Because it intends to match with Ultra Stretch Active Shorts, a new green color for summer. So you’re ready to go to the gym, then you can go for a walk and chill. Shop the Crop Dry-Ex shirt Shop the new green Ultra Stretch Active Shorts. . #SportUtilityWear #UniqloDRYEX #UniqloUltraStretch

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