Easy Sunday, mat pilates just a mat and one ball. Core is trembling. Do it slowly. Set your breath. Focus on good muscles. 30-45 seconds each exercise. 5 sets. ?Leg raise butt lift. Tighten your abs. Exhale and lift your butt off the mat. Pass the ball into the sky long ?Oblique V-up Using the ball will help you focus better. caution in catching and change the position of the ball, causing the body, small muscles to use tense Work better with ?V-up, try to stand up a lot. Keep your stomach pressed in a C letter all the way up and down. Be careful not to bend your back inner ankle part Hold the ball lightly We will use a small muscle. From the inner thighs to the belly ?Slow flutter kick put the ball on the upper back. But don’t put a lot of weight on the ball. Secondary to warn the body to be careful and tensed all the time Helps avoid back pain Neck pain during core pose is very good. Pilates ball and mat can be purchased at https://shop.bebefitroutine.com/th or add Line @bebefitroutine

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