Giving away Total body firm moves! Just use bebe fit routine pilates ball ⭐️Assisted push up Who is practicing push up using a small ball to help It works very well. Let me tell you. ⭐️Donkey kick+pulsing. Apart from normal, get a full butt. Squeeze the ball too. It helps to tighten the hamstring or the back of our legs easily. ⭐️Bear twist. Use the knee to hold the knee lightly. Then twist right-left, hit the abdomen, waist and back very well. Bae recommends blowing the ball without being very firm. Let the ball be a little soft, it will be easy to handle and allow us to exert enough force to squeeze it. There are still many poses Let’s go buy equipment first. Only 290 ฿. Add Line @bebefitroutine or link to shop.

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