How do you want to be lean all the time? Bebe fit routine online course. Tomorrow is the last day. Start together on 5 Oct. Value 1. Food is very important. If you want to stay in shape for the long term need to change eating habits Emphasize that it’s a way that we can do it all the time. Non-fat meat 150g, 2 eggs) Reduce oil, fried food, dessert (Occasionally once or twice a month) Eat 3 full meals, with dinner focusing on vegetables and lean meats or eggs. Do not drink water that is high in calories. 2. This exercise is the tightest. 1 week full rest 1 day Out of cardio (6 days running, cycling, skipping rope alternate days because I want to maintain the endurance of the muscles and heart, lungs that are tough to teach), weight training (3 days) and acrobatic training (2 days). 3. Good light photography 4. Good twist 🤣 Bae’s exercise course Emphasizes on keeping in shape with bodyweight and cardio exercises and sustainable eating habits. is to teach you how to apply it yourself. because we may not be able to take courses for the rest of our lives Because in the end, the goal is to live a healthy lifestyle. which can be adapted to suit each person’s lifestyle. Apply via inbox bebe fit routine or add Line @bebefitroutine.

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