I often see Bae wearing DRY-EX exercising. But let me tell you that this DRY-EX shirt is comfortable to wear on a free day at home. And what I’m very happy and want to show off is that there’s a new color out too!!!! Like today, I intend to rest my eyes from watching the series. Pick up an old book, open it and read it, sit back and enjoy the breeze, read it for a while, back and forth, it’s so much fun that I forget the time. although today the weather is quite hot Plus there’s no wind. But Bae still feels dry, cool, not greasy because this DRY-EX shirt is a new color for women these days. Besides that Bae is wearing pink. It also has a lemon yellow color as well. Wear it with Ultra Stretch Active Shorts. I would like to give it another great outfit from Bae. Let’s go shopping for new colors. https://bit.ly/BebeDRYEXNov #Uniqlo Sport meets every movement #UniqloDRYEX #UniqloUltraStretchActiveShorts

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