I think the demo is good. Usually I don’t believe it until I try it myself with the new Dove formula.

I think the demo is good. I usually don’t believe it until I tried it myself with Dove’s new Anti-Hair Fall formula! This formula is a clear gel shampoo combined with micellar. Who has problems with weak hair, damaged hair from sunlight, heat or styling. That makes me torn, must try. Because he has a calcium complex, minerals that help restore and replenish the hair to be strong, not broken, and also has micellar that helps cleanse deeply. Gives a very light and comfortable touch The fragrance lasts all day. Oh, I use it with conditioner. Now my hair is very soft, not broken at all. You can buy it at 7-11. There is a promotion for a discount. Size 140 ml. Reduced to 25 baht. Discount today until 23 February. This is only. #Hair loss must be purple micellar dove.


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