In addition to the bra that Bae wears regularly There are still other items of Uniqlo Sport that today I would like to suggest that each one is special. What activities are suitable? Because choosing to wear the right outfit It will help us move easily. Exercise more efficiently. The first set is a DRY-EX t-shirt. The highlight is that the fabric dries very quickly. It’s very kind. I’m wearing heavy running, cardio or HIIT. I’m sweating all over the body, but no moment. The shirt is wet. which makes us feel very comfortable The Ultra Stretch shorts are made of ultra-stretch fabric. Stretching in all directions, kicking, kneeling and body combat are comfortable without any restraints or interruptions in movement. Ultra Stretch pants also have jogger leg lengths. They are great for riding a bike, taking a dance class or wearing them. casual in everyday life. Finally, AIRism fabric is AIRism technology. Good ventilation and cool. There are both Soft Leggings and Bra Top. Keep the shape well. Suitable for light indoor sports such as yoga, Pilates or weight training. One can still be who is exercising I would like to recommend you to try Uniqlo Sport. If you try it, please share. #SportUtilityWear #Uniqlo Sport meets every move #UniqloDRYEX #UniqloUltraStretch #UniqloAIRism

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