In this Covid-19 era, many people are worried about their health, right? Today, Bae will introduce ”Green Tea No Sugar Formula”, a natural super drink for health lovers. because when it comes to health care In addition to exercise Food and drinks are equally important, right? which is about healthy drinks Personally, Bae pays a lot of attention to nutrients, natural ingredients. and no sugar And the drink that meets Bei’s look is “Oi Ocha (Oi Ocha) Green Tea No Sugar Formula from Itoen” because green tea contains vitamin C, minerals and many nutrients. And interestingly, there is a component of “catechin” that has antibacterial and antiviral properties. Reduce the absorption of fat and cholesterol It also helps increase immunity to our body as well. That has a delicious taste and a fresh scent. There is also jasmine tea without sugar that is healthy as well. Oi Ocha green tea is easily available at supermarkets and leading convenience stores. #Itoenthailand #Oiochagreentea #Japanesegreentea #Greentea #Japanese green tea #green tea #green tea without sugar

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