It has arrived… Uniqlo Sport launch clip. The shooting day is very fun. Like actually exercising Against the outdoor weather that is a bit humid during this period, but the Uniqlo Sport set can handle it. Flexible, cool, no sweat. No matter how you move, Uniqlo Sport is ready to support every move. . Move as fast as jumping a rope. Heavy like playing basketball or lightly chilling at home, DRY-EX with quick-drying fabric that wicks sweat well. You can do it all. Feel comfortable. You can exercise continuously. Ultra Stretch is outstanding for flexibility. Cycling or running, jumping. No matter how you move your legs, move your legs no matter what. The scene where Bae runs up the stairs It’s a very wide staircase. But the pants are stretched according to the steps of Bae. As for AIRism, the fabric is cool, breathable, comfortable at home, wear AIRism Bra Top or Active, move a lot like HIIT, body combat, wear AIRism UV Protection Soft Leggings, both kicking and Knees are comfortable and not uncomfortable at all. I want everyone to try. And will be impressed with the technology of the fabric, softness, coolness, quick drying. If you have tried Uniqlo Sport, you will know that every piece really meets every movement. For those who are interested in products in UNIQLO’s sports collection, click here . #SportUtilityWear #Uniqlo Sport meets every move #UniqloDRYEX #UniqloUltraStretch #UniqloAIRism

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