It’s almost the end of the month Has anyone started to feel lazy or have given up on exercising for a healthy goal in the year of the cow? Don’t rely on giving up. As Bae said in the clip before, but I want to repeat that We can incorporate exercises into our entire daily routine. This will allow us to not feel that we have to force ourselves too much. For example, today Bae will share 3 moves that we can do while wiping the floor: mountain climber, plank knee tuck, plank leg swipe. I want friends to try it. Bei thinks it’s fun and not difficult at all. Wear DRY-EX at home. Yes, you don’t need a heavy cardio, you can wear it at home and chill out too. As for today’s pants, it’s Ultra Stretch Active Shorts. It’s perfect for 3 moves that you do while wiping the floor. Importantly, don’t forget to vote for your favorite moves and you’ll want to follow in the full body clip posted on 11 Jan. Let’s go. You can vote either on Bae’s FB & IG, or on @Uniqlothailand’s FB & IG. Or if anyone likes the floor-wiping pose in today’s clip, you can vote as well. Join the fun until January 31, 2021. Which comment is the most satisfying? Will receive 1 UNIQLO sport clothes, 1 set per prize, announced on the Uniqlo Thailand Facebook page on February 15, 2021 #fit every day for the new year #Uniqlo Sport meets every movement #UniqloDRYEX #UniqloUltraStretch #SportUtilityWear #UniqloThailand

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