I’ve been staying at home for several days, so I have a chance to dress up a bit. Today I picked up a new favorite sport bra from @UniqloThailand with a little abstract style from FUTURA LABORATORIES that is designed by a famous artist from the legend. Personally, Bae likes this Racer Back seamless bra because it can be worn as a sports bra or a crop top. because it keeps the shape quite well Plus it’s convenient to move. which this collection has AIRism UV Protection Soft Leggings in the same pattern, let’s put it in the set too. Then Bae chooses to add a layer of cool, Sporty style by wearing Pocketable UV Protection. It can be said that you can wear it to exercise or add style to wear it outside in everyday life. It can also block UV rays as well. In addition to bras and leggings, this collection also has Dry Ex tops for men, women and kids, plus pants for men as well. For those who like to dress up as well, don’t miss out. You can shop at all UNIQLO branches. Or if it’s not convenient, you can order online 24 hours a day by following this link. http://bit.ly/UQFuturaCollections #Uniqlo Sport meets every movement #SportUtilityWear #UniqloAIRismSoftLeggings #UniqloWirelessBra #Futura

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