jump rope time In addition to the rope weight that must be good because it is too light, newbies may find it difficult to control the tempo. or if too heavy You will feel tired in your shoulders or wrists before you get tired. used equipment It affects the exercise quite a lot. The clothes she wears is also very important. Today she wears the AIRism Bra Top, which is a bra that has a built-in bra. You can wear it alone. cool fabric very good ventilation No matter how sweaty he was, he was still comfortable, allowing him to jump rope continuously. The pants are Ultra Stretch Active Shorts, which the fabric will stretch extra, allowing the movement of the legs to move smoothly. Will wear other sports that require flexibility. Bet it’s very suitable. Let’s go and have a look. There are many colors to choose from. http://bit.ly/bebemonthlyoct #SportUtilityWear #Uniqlo Sport meets every movement #UniqloAIRismBraTop #UniqloUltraStretchActiveShorts

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