Come try the Emsculpt at @qurveclinic today. It’s a machine that they say stimulates the work of specific muscles. It feels like a workout. Belong on the lower abdomen Which is the point where girls complain that it’s hard to play (true because it’s about eating. And hormones directly) I did it for the first time. When I did 30 minutes, it was really tense, very tense, like you shouldn’t eat anything before doing it because it may reverse the arrow. in which to play the real belly We can’t do this for 30 minutes continuously. because when tired Other muscles are replaced, such as the hip flexor or hip flexor, and the lower back, making it impossible to focus fully on the lower abdomen. This one, I would like to give a thumbs up to Emsculpt👍🏼 because it forces us to be tensed for 30 minutes. What they say is like Sit-up, it’s like doing Plank and there are more people punching us in the stomach 😅 Personally, I think people who are already exercising should see clearly and maintain the results easily. #come to qurve and love it


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