#Ned I review cafe The cafe has just opened in the area of ​​Paripat, around the temple.

🦕 #Ned I Review Cafe 🦕 A newly opened cafe in Paripat area, around Chedi Temple. (This shop focuses on coffee) Personally, I just tried real coffee for the first time. I feel very wow. I just came here that coffee doesn’t have only one flavor! Come back to the review of the shop.. Beautiful, minimal shop, very beautiful photos, good lighting (recommended for 3-5 o’clock), delicious coffee, price is secretly crunchy. But the barista is handsome and forgives 😂 The initials of the shop are “Jor.Dor.”


เปเปอร์ พีรดา นามวงค์ | ขอบคุณภาพจาก ig Peerada Namwong @piggynoii
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