Please follow “Dao”, the hot new star in the drama “Phatsaya” every day.
– น้ำหวาน รักษ์ณภัค วงศ์ธนทัศน์

Please follow “Dao”, a hot new star in the drama “Patsaya” every Wednesday-Thursday at 21.30 on PPTVHD Channel 36 and watch it backwards for free. The only place on the iQiyi (Ai Qiyi) app and web, starting on June 2nd, the first episode! #Patchaya #Channel 36 drama, full screen fun #PPTVHD36 #Channel 36 #iQiyi #Namwan Rak Naphak #if you want it, you have to exchange


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น้ำหวาน รักษ์ณภัค วงศ์ธนทัศน์ | ขอบคุณภาพจาก ig Namwan Raknapak Wongtanatat @namwan_raknapak
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