Uniqlo recently released new sportswear. Today is the queue of my favorite leggings AIRism UV Protection Soft Leggings. New pattern. The one that Bae is wearing is black. but he has blue with pink This will be the first time this year that there is a pattern as well. Wear it with Wireless Bra Active (Cross Back), but I secretly whisper that in March there will be a bra with the same pattern as the leggings. Wearing a match as a set, it must be beautiful and chic. I believe that many girls are looking forward to the look. Soft Leggings are suitable for both indoor and outdoor workouts as they are not only stretchy. well ventilated There is also a function that is UV Protection that can protect the sun as well . If anyone is interested, you can shop online here. AIRism UV Protection Soft Leggings, new pattern http://bit.ly/BEBELeggingsFeb Wireless Bra Active (Cross Back) ) http://bit.ly/BEBEWirelessBraFeb . #SportUtilityWear #UniqloAIRismSoftLeggings #UniqloWirelessBra

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