Shimon has been updated. Who is out today? AirPay has changed.

Shimon has been updated. Who is out today, AirPay has changed its name to ShopeePay, everyone. Anyone who has AirPay, don’t forget to update to ShopeePay. For those who haven’t had it, go download it quickly!! Because ShopeePay has unlimited pay, great promotion, just enter the code SHOPEEPAY when making a minimum transaction of 49 baht on the ShopeePay or Shopee app, you will have a chance to win. Many prizes, worth more than 1 million baht, is it worth it? Let’s go shopping together!! #AirPayisnowShopeePay #ShopeePayTH #AirPayTH

AirPayisnowShopeePay ,ShopeePayTH ,AirPayTH

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