Tada, this is the sweetest Mystery Box ever! In this box is the gel.

Tada ? This is the most fragrant Mystery Box! In the box is a shower gel. and perfume lotion from the new brand SELENE Released the first collection called Love Story? It’s a fragrance that gives you a feeling of confidence ? Love yourself, be yourself? Ready to pass on positive energy to those around you. which uses a special imported perfume from England ?? non-pungent fragrance The scent is unique and unique. Lasts all day It is recommended to use them together. It will smell even more lasting. There are both perfume lotion for 199 baht and perfume shower gel for 169 baht. Selene Scent Matters.. Smell more confident!✨ @SeleneScent ?Buy today at 1948beauty.com or Watsons Online and all Watsons stores in the country. Let’s follow and get it ? #Selene #Selene Perfume Lotion #celeni shower gel perfume #Smell more confident


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