This new year, anyone who has goals to be healthy. Bae said it wasn’t as difficult as he thought. Bae and Lek will come to make everyone fit every day. Just 1 simple pose, but you can do it continuously with discipline. Really, you don’t need to be good at it or work out very seriously. We can exercise with the activities that we already like to do all the time. Whether lying at home playing mobile phones or girls who like shopping In this clip, Bae will show you the exercises with the shopping bags. . For those who have finished watching, Bae wants to invite you to play the activity. Uniqlo Sport workout clothes are also distributed. The rules are simple. “Like this clip and comment under the post saying What exercises do you like and want to do? ready to tell the reason and tag at least 1 friend.” Join in on the fun from January 11, 2021 – January 31, 2021. 20 Comments that resonate with you the most. Will receive 1 UNIQLO sport clothes, 1 prize per prize, announced on the Uniqlo Thailand Facebook page on February 15, 2021. Read more details here. @uniqlothailand #fit every day for the new year #Uniqlo Sport meets every movement #UniqloSport #UniqloThailand

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