to the lovely sun Sunflower, everyone’s brightness. Apply today.

To the lovely sun 🌞 Sunflower, everyone’s brightness Today the sunflowers are not blooming like every day. But the main goal of sunflower has always been Blooming among the flowers, making those who see them smile and feel bright. and always be honest with this But today Sunflower feels so tired. So I came to take a break to take the love from the sun. Power up through this post. I posted this post because I wanted to see that. In fact, Eva is a normal person, suffering and having problems like everyone else. I just want to be an encouragement to every sun that encounters problems. suffering knows “You’re not alone.” Many people think of Ava as the perfect person, but it’s not. Eve is a normal person who thinks a lot และ‍💫 and likes to make herself suffer. A person who worries about the future ⏳ and does not live in the present. But I’m the one who tells everyone that everything makes me happy, but I can’t do it myself … Today, Eva just wanted to post this for everyone to see. Eva had her own suffering. And many times I can’t sleep. and want many suns that are suffering What are you battling with? I want you to know that I’m not fighting alone. Eve believes that soon Eva will be better, and if Eve gets better When can you heal yourself? I will come and tell you. just want to say I love all the suns so much let’s fight together Suffering today, next year 2022, we will forget that on June 1, 2021, what have we suffered? He could speak, but Eva couldn’t do it. But today Eva encountered something that she never thought would be and what she didn’t expect, but now Eva is on the road. keep your heart Our hearts are like sponges. What color is sucked in? Don’t forget to squeeze it out 🤍 Tonight before bed hold your heart and tell thank you for working hard Thank you for taking care of each other. Thank you for keeping me alive and breathing. The sunflowers may not be as bright tonight. And there will probably be many more days like this. But tomorrow will be a new morning. And things could be better than now Let’s fight together Mr Athit 🌻🤍🌞 I’m on the road to healing myself I hope you will also join me on this journey Mr/Ms Sunshine I hope you will always remember me as the girl who smiles and only want the world to smile with her love. Always, the sunflower 🌻

เอวา ปวรวรรณ วีระภุชงค์ | ขอบคุณภาพจาก ig Pawornwan Verapuchong (AVA) @sunflowava
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