Who has watched the clip of Home tour Ep.1 on youtube: sananthachat~ ? Come on. Q&A is ready. Comments are welcome for any questions. For anyone who wants to renovate the house ? Fon sees it himself since he called many companies to come and estimate the price to jointly design, choose lights, tiles, ceiling work, see plug positions, look at wood work, built-in sanitary ware systems. Almost accepting work as an interior and a contractor. I’m doing a lot of meticulous work. I’ll check the house tomorrow. There are many things that are not finished yet. If anyone wants to know anything, ask me. I’m new and want to answer. Because before doing homework is negative knowledge. But now there’s a lot to learn. I believe that many people should be like rain. I want to renovate the house but I don’t know the details. I’m not very good at it. Let’s come. We are friends. ? PS. The finished picture of the house is 3D. It’s not a real work. Let’s wait to win again.


via – sananthachat

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