You are waiting for a review. Collagen, white skin, reduce acne and help with bone joints. I recommend this formula. SANAE COLLAGEN PLUS (Snae Collagen Plus) is a formula that uses small collagen, absorbs quickly, and adds a lot of collagen, sir. There are 3 types of collagen, namely FISH COLLAGEN DIPEPTIDE, COLLAGEN TYPE II and UC-II (COLLAGEN TYPE II). That can absorb almost 100% to help strengthen the bones too. The balm is brewed with about 150 ml of cold water. The powder is easy to dissolve in water. not clumping The smell is quite pronounced berry. sweet and sour taste For the balm, it’s easy to eat. I have eaten the balm. This box will be the third box. If you ask about the results in the skin. Balm feels that the skin looks slippery. It looks clearer since the first week. But it doesn’t whiten that much immediately. But it looks more radiant, soft and fluffy skin. For the balm, it’s ok. The price of Sene Collagen has 2 sizes, which is Sene Collagen Plus, packing size 10 sachets, normal price 1,090 baht, promotion. Special promotion, reduced to 590 baht (new formula box) Sune Collagen Plus, package size 7 sachets, bag package is a limited edition The brand organizes a promotion until 31 (a box that is a bag) December 2563, the normal price is 590 baht, special promotion, reduced to 490 baht only! If you are interested, you can contact to order as follows. Line : @sanaeofficial (with @ in front) Page : Sanaeofficial – Sanae charm of beauty ( ) Page : Sanae – Sanae main page G-mail : call 065 -165- 9365 , 096- 142 -6565 Website : #Collagen #white collagen #Bone Collagen #Sanae #Sanae Please follow FACEBOOK : GURUCECK Check with Guru Click (Please like and share) Please follow IG : guruyamong Click Read the article of Guru Yamong : ++++++++++ Contact Advertiser, speaker Lecture of dietary supplements, cosmetics Line : @gurucheck_biz Tel : 065 568 1010 Email : .

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